Titan Maker
Project Selection
Titan Maker will select projects through many avenues - always optimizing for the highest potential launches for our user base.


Network: Titan Maker is backed by top tier partners. These partners and investors comprise a strong deal flow network that we will leverage to connect with early stage projects and determine if they are quality candidates for incubation and launch on Cronos.
Hackathons: Cronos will continue to promote development in the ecosystem through ecosystem funds and hackathons. As builders release their MVPs, we will be closely watching for projects which have strong teams, product-market-fit, and technical features. Most such projects will need marketing support and partnerships for a successful launch.
Incubations: For outstanding projects and founders Titan Maker will offer incubation services. For such projects we will provide significant bandwidth and support for tokenomics, marketing, partnerships, fundraising, listings, and more.

Due Diligence

Tech: Our team will conduct tech reviews with all prospective projects to gain a deep understanding of a project's development roadmap and current development progress (MVPs, prototypes, and any relevant repositories) .
PMF: Titan Maker is comprised of former financial analysts and strategic business advisors. We will assess the business case and market precedents for all projects we consider for launch. We will also study any preliminary user metrics that are available pre-launch.
Team & Backers: Part of our comprehensive analysis will of course include a thorough dive into the backgrounds of the founding team as well as the early stage backers/partners of the project. We select for experienced founders with a demonstrable track record. We also control for funds which have reputation for long term time horizons and significant value add into their portfolio projects.
Tokenomics: Our analysts will review the tokenomic structure of projects specifically assessing the valuation, initial release, circulating cap, and release schedule. We run this data through a database of pas projects to approximate potential returns. Though no model is perfect, this gives us an empirical base from which to build our conviction. Titan Maker will make tokenomic changes if beneficial for incubated projects.
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Due Diligence